Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Since it is something I notice more than any of my friends, I have decided to write my first post about uniforms.  I seem to be the first in my group to notice when teams change uniforms.  I guess due to my artistic nature.  I feel that I am lucky in the fact that the team I follow, the Phillies, have what I would call a classic uniform.  Other than the uniform fabric color, the Phillies uniforms stay the same between home, road and alternate.  I like that the current uniforms are based on uniforms wore by Phillies of the past.  This is a nice touch that I'm sure not all recognize.  This is something that some other teams have done this year.  The Orioles have reverted back to the cartoon "Bird" logo.  I was never a fan of the so called "angry" or Ornithologically correct bird.  It always seemed boring to me, and since the mascot resemble more the cartoon bird of the 60's-80's it never made sense.  I was happy to hear that the would be using the cartoon bird from now on.  The Padres also will start using and old logo on their uniforms again.  The Swinging Friar will now appear as a patch on the home uniform sleeve.  The Mets have also improved their uniforms by making the cream pinstriped alternate their primary home uniforms.  The Blue Jays have combined their uniforms from the early 90's with the last incarnation.  The result is a nice modern look with an old school feel.  The colors and distinctive lettering take me back to my childhood when Joe Carter made me cry with a single home run.  But I digress, overall I give their new like two thumbs-up.  Now all the changes that I have mentioned have been for the better, but the last major change to a uniforms is a disgrace.  As they prepare to move into a new home, The Miami Marlins have changed their name and uniforms.  While I like the name change, the uniforms are a different story.  The new colors of blue, yellow, and orange remind me more of the circus than Miami.  Now according to the Marlins the orange is actually coral, but it doesn't come off that way to me.  Coral should be less orange more of a pinker color.  If they had actually used coral, I think I would like them more.  If their goal was to evoke the colors of Miami they should have gone with a more pastel color scheme.  Thoughts of Miami lend me to think of pink and aqua.  While these colors may not be popular with the MLB target demographic, they would represent the city of Miami which is what ownership was going for when they changed their name.  Now I know it might seem silly to harp on uniforms, but a teams colors are the lifeblood of the fan base.  At home and in away cities I have been to, fans show up tho the ballpark in droves wearing their teams colors.  This is an important part to the game.  Uniforms and team colors are a very unifying thing when it comes to baseball.  When you wear your teams colors you shout to the world that you are a fan.  I can only imagine what a game would look like if no one wore their teams colors to games.

Just one fans opinion.